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Taking online classes outdoors to brighten students day  


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October 26, 2020 2:24 pm  

As a parent of young kids, I have lived through the pain of watching them suffer through numerous 'zoom' calls and classes.  It is nowhere near a good substitute for in-person learning, and I hope it doesn't have any long term affects on how they interact in society.

I saw this good news story earlier on RTE, and figured it was worth sharing. A great idea for any of you teachers out there 🙂 My kids did take some of their classes outdoors, but it was actively encouraged. I guess for the younger ones it's possibly too much of a distraction. However, this UCD professor is hiking into the Wicklow mountains (even in horrendous weather) to hold his classes. Watch below.


Here's a link to the RTE article if you want to read it. 


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