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Kristin & Rob Jeffries
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06/06/2020 7:46 pm  

Greetings, Ireland Move community!  We're a retired couple researching a move from the USA to Ireland to live close to our beloved son and daughter-in-law.  They met in Galway for foreign study (she is a French citizen), fell in love, married (in the US) and returned to settle in Galway in 2019.  They intend to make Ireland their home long-term - and since they are our "only kids," we want to join them for the next chapter in their (and our) lives.  We visited Ireland for the first time last April (a wonderful introduction to western Ireland!) and look forward to another visit once the travel restrictions lift.  While we anticipate delays due to recent events, we are digging deep into planning.  We appreciate the resources and community offered by The Ireland Move Club as we start this journey to be reunited with our family.  Thank you!

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09/06/2020 12:43 am  

Hi Kristin and Rob

Good to hear from you. Actually your story is not an uncommon one on here. Lot's of folks have expressed interest in getting closer to their kids/grandkids. 

Great to have you, and I hope you can find plenty of answers here as things start to take shape for you. 


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