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Hello from the McCabes!  


Lindsay McCabe
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October 13, 2020 6:51 am  


I am Lindsay McCabe. My husband Kevin is an Irish citizen (via foreign births registry) and we have two children: Anna (11) and Aidan (9). 

We plan to move to Ireland mid-2021 or sooner from Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Kevin has been looking for employment in Ireland and we are hoping that it will be an easier process since he won't need a work visa. (He's been working for UPS for 18 years...industrial engineering/logistics/project management, if anyone know of opportunities!)

We've never even visited Ireland, and we plan to move without ever having visited...a leap of adventure! The kids are excited, as are we! We've learned so much on this site and are looking forward to learning even more and getting involved with the forums. 

The question I have for those of you who have already done this: what is one thing you wish you'd known before you made the move? 

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October 13, 2020 8:23 pm  

Hello McCabe family. Great to have you here. 

Wow - that is quite the adventure! Moving to a place you've never been to. I hope it works out for you, but please do as much research as possible first. Lots of people have a very fond association with Ireland, and often the reality of living there is not quite what they expected. In fact, I remember reading statistics of how many people from Ireland who emigrated and returned, leave again, some time after. It just wasn't the Ireland they remembered. 

I'm not trying to deter you. I just hope you research it, and make the move with an open mind. Best wishes!


As another parent of similar aged kids, I will give you a practical 'one thing' that I hope helps, or at least informs. Your kids will most likely have to learn the Irish language in school. This is not a bad thing by any means, however they will be 5 & 7 years behind their peers. Irish kids start to learn it in school around age 4. Exemptions are granted for those age 12 or over in some cases. Details here if you want to research. 

There are resources (books, TV, websites etc) out there that you could start looking in to now, to give them a jump start. Just an idea if you're interested. 

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