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In response to numerous requests over the past number of years, I decided in early 2017 that it was time to start offering a consultation service to help people plan their move to Ireland.

So often, people need someone to talk with, to quickly find what they are looking for, or to help them overcome an obstacle or two, that is holding up their move.

As many of my readers already know I have moved internationally numerous times myself, 5 to be precise. That coupled with the fact that I have interacted with literally hundreds of people who have moved, or are moving, to Ireland since I started this website in 2014, puts me in a unique position to offer support and guidance to those looking for it.

During our one-on-one call together I will pull from my vast experience in assisting others, to help resolve whatever issue it is that you want to discuss. Your satisfaction with my service is key to my on-going interest in providing this service. I offer a no-cost follow-up call to those of you who need it, and a money-back guarantee if I am unable to assist you.

Scroll up to set up a time to speak with me in person. I am looking forward to connecting with you.

Liam was absolutely wonderful! He is a fount of information. He had done additional research to prepare for our call, and had his computer up to search for answers he didn't know already. The call was Very informative as he answered so many major and minor questions about Ireland. I HIGHLY recommend booking a call if you have an interest in learning about/moving to Ireland. He is a local with knowledge about topics you won't find in books or easily on websites. He is friendly, open, and honest that he is well informed, but not an expert. After spending so much time in answering questions, as a true professional, he provided additional information and links via email.

~ Denise G.

I can help you with...

  • Stamp 0 (retiree) and Stamp 4 questions
  • Shipping advice
  • Relocating your pet
  • Employment resources
  • Housing search and tenancy concerns
  • Mortgage issues
  • Banking recommendations
  • Finding schools
  • Currency transfer options
  • ... & lots more

My promise to you

  • I will research the information you provide to me ahead of time, and will come prepared to our meeting.
  • Based on my experiences of moving and from helping others do so, I will provide immediate answers to many of your top priority questions.
  • You will receive a follow-up email which will include a summary of our discussion, and links to relevant reading material.
  • I am happy to offer you one free follow up call (if needed), to discuss anything you may have missed or need more information about.