Hey folks,

I want to take an opportunity to introduce you to another website that will be of immense use to any non-EEA immigrants moving to Ireland. Megan Crose (@mcrose on this site) is writing her blog from the perspective of a family who has moved to Ireland and has had to jump through some serious hoops to do so.

Megan's Documentation Checklist for Students with Families is essential reading for anyone in a similar situation. In another post Megan explains why her children were turned down for a place at their local primary school. It's crazy how badly misled they were! If you're immigration status is similar to hers, and you're bringing your kids along for the ride, it'll help you plan for exactly what's in store.

Megan also covers some pet travel topics amongst other things, and is planning on keeping the site updated with relevant, useful info for other expats.

I'm delighted that Megan has joined our little club here, and is adding valuable info to the comments and forum for all you movers.