Over the past number of years I have helped many readers who come to this site to find the best possible currency exchange deal available to them. Moving money internationally is somewhat of a stressful experience. Naturally, everybody wants to get the best rate available, and pay the least amount in exchange fees. This is especially true for many of you, as there are often large sums of money involved when relocating to Ireland on a permanent or semi-permanent basis.

I encourage you to explore all your options with respect to currency exchange. There certainly are savings to be made if you go with the right option. I have voiced my opinion (put another way, dissatisfaction) on here before about traditional bank to bank transfers. I have found that the rates are definitely not the best out there, and you almost always pay fees that can be avoided or minimized with the other types of currency exchange services available to you.

Allow me to introduce you to my currency exchange partner

If you are interested in getting a great rate when moving your money overseas (it does not have to be to Ireland) then please give me an opportunity to put you in touch with my currency exchange partner. He has helped numerous clients and readers of mine, and I can assure you that he will be completely transparent with rates/fees and exactly what you can expect to receive on the other end.
A typical example of the type of benefit you may be seeing over other providers can be in the range of 2% in savings. Based on a $500,000 USD - EUR transfer this could results in savings in the region of $10,000.

If you would like me to put you in touch please fill out the short form below. I'll connect you via email, and you two can talk during a no-pressure consultation.

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