This is the 3rd issue in the consultation call summary series. Another very productive call, and I believe another very satisfied client.

I think I said it after the last summary write up, I am really enjoying helping out my clients on these calls. It allows me connect with you in a far more productive manner than by email or on the forum. I love the whole process of prep'ing in advance of the call, jotting down notes while on the call for follow-ups, and chasing down information that I didn't have in advance of the call. There's always something to be learned, and I appreciate those of you putting your trust in me to help with your move.

If you wish to set up a call to speak with me, you can do so here.

So what did we talk about?

  • Whats the deal with kids and Stamp 0? I received an interesting follow up from the folks at Unit 2 at the INIS
  • INIS registration
  • The Irish Education system
  • Enrolling in schools
  • Exemptions to Irish language learning for foreign born children
  • Accountants (always popular with Stamp 0 applicants)
  • Housing
  • Opening a bank account from overseas
  • Currency transfer
  • Driving and insurance

Read on for all the details...

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As you may already know, I have been helping clients over the phone, in person, and on the forum, for a number of years. I decided recently that it would be a good idea to provide a summary of those discussions as a new feature on the site.
Many of the questions I answer over the phone with my readers, will be of benefit to a wider audience, so I decided to start publishing a series of 'call notes' for you all.
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