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Need tax advice - US Citizen possibly moving to Ireland on work visa - any recommendations?

Greg in Seattle
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Hi everyone,

Is there an accountant (or similar expert, or website) you'd recommend to give me an advice session (possibly one-off, possibly for longer term relationship, I'd pay for it either way) on US - Ireland tax considerations for a working-in-Ireland American?  

I'm a US Citizen in a "critical skills" occupation.  My wife is too.  I'm considering pursuing some Ireland-based employment opportunities, but want to get a good picture of what I'd be in for tax-wise.  The general hypothetical scenario is I'd be working for an Irish firm on the appropriate employment-based visa for two years or more, Irish wages paid in Euros, then maybe stay (with or without original employer, maybe continue working, maybe retire early). I have 8 years til retirement give or take.  So throughout those years I'd want to know what my tax situation would be for my Irish wages and some "passive" income from US sources (mutual funds, possible sale of Pacific NW home), plus how my American 401k/IRA would be treated before and after I retire if we kept living in Ireland.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated!   For US only tax questions, I've used "" in the past (you pay by the question) and found they were very accurate... in this case I'd be fine working with an individual, a firm, or a web service with the right expertise. 

Thank you,