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Hi - hoping someone may have some insights. . . I am moving to Ireland with my husband next spring.  He is an Irish citizen, I am American.  He has not lived in Ireland for many years so we will basically be starting fresh once we arrive.

I am a small business owner here in the states and would love to continue that work once we are in Ireland.  Because of the way I am immigrating, many of the “foreigners wanting to move to Ireland and start a business” details I find online don’t apply to me.

Has anyone else done this or have any guidance?  I suppose I could have him open the business, but it’s my baby, and I’d love to do it myself if possible. ☺️
I’d love to get started right away as building up a business takes time and I would like this to be my source of income, so don’t want to wait until I can finally apply for citizenship myself.


So grateful for any pointers, links, or insights from this super helpful community. ❤️

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