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Dual Citizen-live in IRE, continue to work remotely for US employer

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I am a dual Irish/US citizen.  I have lived/worked in the US for most of my career.  I attempted to move to IRE right before the pandemic (so own property, vehicle, have Irish driver's license and PPS #), returned to US and got caught in pandemic lockdowns.

Took job in US while stuck here, but now would like to finalize becoming full time resident in Ireland.  However, I like my US employer and they are willing to continue employing me remotely from Ireland.

How might that work?  I understand there are treaties between the two countries to avoid double taxation and to pay social security benefits once eligible for it.  Curious how the practicalities would work - ie: would my pay continue to go to my US bank account, be transferred to IRE bank account, then I would somehow report/pay taxes to IRE?  Do I need to set up as a "self-employed" business in IRE?  Are there businesses in IRE that I would need to work for who act as a middleman for tax purposes?

Thanks in advance for advice from anyone who have had experience with this situation.