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Naturalisation based on marriage - documentation query

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We've been trying to contact the relevant department using the email on their website as well as their phone line (which they have now declared on their website is disconnected) but to no avail. Hoping anyone that's gone through the process might be able to shed some light. We're applying based on marriage to an Irish citizen (applicant is from outside the EU).

The only clarification we need is with regards to the proof of residence (for both partners) for the previous 3 months requirement. Could something paid annually (like home insurance) be used to satisfy one of the proofs or does it have to be a bill/payment that is issued monthly? Or bi-monthly?

This is the pargraph I'm referring to:
"Copies of three different proofs of residence in the island of Ireland for both applicant
and spouse/civil partner for 3 months prior to the date of application showing date and
name and current address. Proofs include mortgage/rent agreement, household bills
(gas, electricity, phone or cable/satellite TV), bank statements, revenue, mortgage
agreement, social welfare, letter from employment, etc"