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Applying for Irish Citizenship, or thinking of doing so?

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The clever folks who make changes to our immigration laws are giving us reason to smile lately. Just recently they announced the plans to allow non-EEA defacto partners of Irish citizens to submit their applications before arriving in Ireland. The previous law defied common sense, so this is a huge plus for those of you looking to arrive in Ireland and begin working immediately. Previously, people could be waiting 6 months or more before they could restart their lives.
INIS info on that here:

And even more great news was in the media this week. If a proposed change by Minister for Justice, Charlie Flanagan, is implemented, applicants for Irish citizenship should be able to leave the country for short periods of time while their application is pending. Full details are still being fleshed out. The Irish Times news article on this topic can be found here.

So I guess this begs the question, what other must-needed changes should be made to Irish immigration law? What would you like to see change?