General Forums

General Forums

Welcomes and Introductions

Introduce yourself to the group. Tell us a little about yourself and what information you might need help finding. Whether you're planning your move, or have already made the move, we'd love to hear from you. Please START NEW TOPICS for detailed questions. This post is for intro's only 🙂


Service Recommendations

Shipping companies, accountants, pet moving agencies, employment help, etc. If you have a service or person you would like to recommend, please do so here. Feel free to provide contact info (website etc). Personal recommendations based on your experience only. No adverts please. If you or your business wishes to reach the IMC audience, please contact me.


Hobbies, Clubs and Activities

Finding things you like to do is an essential part of adjusting to your new life. If you want to share information about a place, club, activity etc that you found in Ireland, which may interest others, please do so here.


Quick Tips

I often find news articles about relevant topics that I want to share, and I've decided this is the best way to do so. They are often related to current affairs, things that'll help you save money, major announcements etc. Feel free to add your own topics as you see fit.