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Changes to licensing requirements for foreign license holders (eg US people)

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Hi all I recently got my learners permit in January and on 21st January the law was changed to only require 6 driving lessons rather than 12. You have to apply for a waiver though so do that once you get your permit. The request for a reduction in lessons is now on a form that you print, sign and mail off. Also on the same form is the request for a waiver of 6 months of required driving before you can obtain your full license. I mailed off my waiver request on a Tuesday and received back my approval on the following Wednesday.

Word of caution: many driving schools offer a discount on insurance with Axa or something if you take 12 lessons so make sure you consider if you take the reduction in lessons if you lose out on the discount on future insurance (the price difference could be meaningful over time).

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Hey Jessalyn,

Good to hear from you. I hope your move went well, and life is good 🙂

Thanks for this info update. Very useful.