Foreign (US) Drivin...

Foreign (US) Driving Licence & Irish Licence Process  


Mike Hardiman
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05/04/2019 10:57 am  

So, after reading various articles and the new rules regarding the reduction in required driving lessons (6 vs 12, with the possible caveat for insurance discounts after 12 lessons), I'm still unclear on one thing. 

Will you be asked to hand over your U.S. Driving Licence when applying for the Learner's Permit?  Can you get away with driving without a 'licenced companion' as long as you still have your U.S. licence and are still within the 12-month visitation period?  

About the clearest info I've seen on this is that it is a "grey area", but it would be nearly impossible if you have to hand over your foreign driving licence.

Is there anyone with recent experience that can comment on the process?