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Dual Canadian-EU citizen moving to Ireland with no job lined up - what can I expect?

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Hi there! I'm planning to move to Ireland (Dublin is the plan due to opportunities and the nature of my work, but willing to go anywhere in the Republic) this May or June after falling in love with the country during a visit in 2015. I am a 24-year-old woman and dual Canadian-Italian citizen with five years work experience as a digital marketing specialist. For the most part, I have been optimistic about this move/finding a job in Ireland as I do strongly believe I possess a skill set that's in high demand, especially in Dublin, being the tech hub that it is. That said, I am also trying to be realistic and understand that Dublin is extremely expensive and finding a job is no jog in the park. I have some self-employed income, so my plan is to find part-time work in Dublin or wherever, and work for myself the rest of the time. I have applied to a few gigs, but no word back yet -- I read on here that applying from overseas is not the best way to go about it. That said, I am also looking into work exchange opportunities that offer room and board so I at least have a roof over my head when I arrive. I also plan to come with some money saved, about 7k euro, as well as access to a line of credit if I find myself in a dire situation.

So really my question is -- is it realistic for me to think I can find a job in my field within a few months after arriving in Dublin, or should I be prepared to be unemployed for a long while and eat through all my savings? 

Any advice I can get on this would be greatly appreciated. I know myself and have always been able to make it work financially, but I also have been quite privileged, so I'm trying to stay realistic like I said.

Thank you in advance!

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