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Shipping from USA to Dublin as UK citizen

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Hi - I'm planning to move from New York to Dublin in January and have a few questions:

 - will I need to have paperwork with my shipment that show proof of residency and/or employment? (I will be flying there when my shipment leaves so will have apartment ready by the time the vessel arrives and then I can advise of the address to deliver to; and my job may not be finalised by then either - will that be ok as I'm British and can legally move to Ireland without these things, or will it be an issue for my belongings coming from the US?)

 - any recommendations for relocation companies from people who've taken this NYC to Dublin route?

Many thanks

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Hey Carole,

Do you mean for customs purposes, or for the shipping company? 

For customs, you will need to declare your items and their value, on a form your shipping company should provide. They're not really going to care too much what address they are going to, or whether you have employment or not. Slightly different rules if you are shipping a car, and are applying for VRT relief. More info on that here

The shipping company may be able to hold them in Ireland for you until you have an address figured out. However, if you wait until you arrive and get setup with an apartment, then your things may not arrive for another 4-6 months. I recommend shipping them ahead of time if possible. 

I hope this helps. Welcome to the site 🙂


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Thanks for the Liam 🙂