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Shipping an oddly sized container to Ireland

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Hello all,

Has anyone had experience shipping an oddly sized container to Ireland? I plan on bringing my harp (yes the instrument) and I'm debating whether I should take it with me in cargo on the plane or have it shipped. (It will be treated roughly either way in my experience.) I have a carbon fiber shipping case that is oddly sized, but definitely up to the task. However, I doubt USPS would take it because of its dimensions. I've shipped this container via Fedex and UPS, but never internationally. 

I'm only staying for 3 months, so I'm probably not shipping any other containers if I do this. Any input would be appreciated. 

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@harpchic42 Hi Tanya,

you can probably ship it in a hard container - something like a wooden box with inside padding. That box can then be shipped as part of a larger shipment with other people's things. Oops, just re-reading your post...if you're only staying 3 months, you'd be there and back before your shipment arrives most likely.

I'd check with FedEx/UPS etc for international rates and options. I'm sure you're not the first person to ship something large internationally. 


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Take it on the plane as baggage, pay the oversize/overweight charges.  Is it a full size concert harp? They do have maximum sizes, so you might research your particular carrier or give them a call. If you are within their pretty generous limits then it's just a $100-200 surcharge on your baggage, and I'd bet any shipping company would be a lot more than that.
I travel with a bass player frequently so I've had experience with this. Sometimes you even get lucky and get a music enthusiast at the airline check-in desk that will give you a pass on the extra charges. So be nice to them 😉