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Financial Planning Guidance- Moving from USA (CA) to Ireland  


Trina Histon
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April 5, 2021 9:27 am  


First off what a relief to find this forum over the weekend. Your wisdom has been a comfort. After a couple of decades in the USA, I am thinking my next move is to go back to Ireland. I am not yet at retirement age but would love to see if anyone has guidance on financial planning as I rent in SF but would like to get a house in Ireland when I return and the mortgage requirements seem onerous to say the least so would love to talk to someone who has made the move home and who made their financial means in the USA.

Guidance on what I can start to do in USA before I make the move home and I know it is frowned upon but am willing to dip into my retirement to make Irish re-entry easier. So if anyone knows someone who is knowledgeable about US retirement/pensions and making the move home I would be grateful. Thanks to Liam I know about the TaxExpats site which I will need and I hope to do consulting when I am home and be EU-based for that. I just read the post of driving license so that will be another adventure indeed! Lots to think about! Thanks all.