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US Citizen moving back with Irish spouse—Stamp 4?

Cora Byrne-Korowitz
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I am a US citizen moving back in July with my wife and son, who both hold Irish passports. I understand that I need a Stamp 4. As we're going to be living outside Dublin, is it really as easy as going into the local garda station together and showing them the necessary documentation and I'll get a temporary stamp 4 right away and my registration card after, but I'll be to seek work right away (assuming there are no shenanigans on my part)? As an American, there's no way anyone can convince me it's even remotely this easy. (For comparison, with a lawyer and everything prepared in advance, it took my wife 8 months to get a work permit in the US)

Also, I hold several certifications in technology and project management (all globally recognized), so I'm hoping I should be able to find a job once we're there, but am I right in assuming that no recruiter will even speak to me until I'm actually in the country no matter what my qualifications are? 

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Hi Cora @cbk1

Yes, it has been that easy in many cases reported here. Read some of the other posts on the topic here for reference.

Regarding the recruiters, that's true in a lot of cases. Even as an Irish citizen, moving home a number of years ago, I experienced this. However, it's highly possible that due to Covid, and the fact many people are working from home offices (and even outside of the country), that this is now different. I would not let it hold you back. 

best wishes!