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Stamp 0 Visa

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Hello Everyone 

I am looking for some advice here on stamp 0 application for my Mom .

Let me describe my situation ,I am British Citizen and from 2018 I do have a contract till running in ireland .

I have company setup in Ireland and pay corporation tax and VAT in Ireland and a bit of non resident salary income tax and PRSI in Ireland ,rest of income tax I pay in UK .

Now due to Brexit rule has changed a bit and I have gone through the rules .

<a href=" removed link ">Joining your UK national family member in Ireland (

Since My Mom is from Visa required country she has to apply preclearance 

In this connections I have 2 question 

1)About Medical Insurance - I have a plan once her visa is approved will then decide her travel date 

as of now its not before March 2022 due to COVID situation as she is elderly .

But what kind of proof I have to send with preclearance application .

2)Accommodation Proof - Since I do not live in Ireland but in UK ,again same we can arrange once visa is approved but in the above document they were asking some proof what kind of proof could u please elaborate .


Thanks in advance .





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