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Bringing A Dog

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I am in the process of moving to Cork from the US in the midst of this pandemic, and I am bringing my doggo. Every domestic airline I've talked to here in the US has halted flying animals in the hold, but the Aer Lingus rep I spoke with said they still are. I am planning on flying with them so I can drop my dog as I leave and get him when I land as I want to avoid shipping him separately. If anyone has flown with a dog, intel would be nice! It's hard enough navigating an international move, pandemic on top of it, and then add the ever changing restrictions that I'm scared will leave us stranded last minute. If anyone has shipped pets during this 2020 craziness, recommendations appreciated!

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Hi Kari,

Good to have  you here!

Mind me asking where in the US you are traveling from, or at least is there a direct flight into Ireland from where your departure point is? That makes life a whole lot easier.

Have you enlisted the help of a pet moving company? They may be your best option right now for getting help re: Covid issues. It's pricey though! I've moved dogs with their help in the past, and by doing all the work myself. If you can still do it without their help (some airlines insist you use them), then it can be a fraction of the cost. 

Did Aer Lingus give you all the requirements? E.g crate size, when/where to show up etc? It has always been the case when I flew with dogs, that you can only book them on the flight, approx 2 weeks before departure. Unfortunately it adds a little stress to the situation, because you have to book your own flight, and hope there'll be room for your dog when the time comes. There always has been for me, but I just never liked that they do it this way. 

I have a wealth of info on this topic (i've moved pets 5 times between Ireland/US if I recall correctly.) Please ask if you have specific questions you want answered. I'll do what I can to help.




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How did it all work out?  We are driving to the east coast from the west just so the pups only have to be on one (shorter) flight.