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Anyone In Dublin Area Need a XL Dog Kennel??

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Hi all! I'll be arriving in Ireland next Tuesday(11/2) as a Stamp 0 "approvee". I can't wait! I fly into Dublin via Aer Lingus and I'll be bringing my dog (blk lab). Due to the airline's pet travel requirements, I'm using an extra large dog kennel. It's huge (48"L x 32"W x 35"H) and is intended for dogs who weigh 90-120lbs. Mine is 55lbs. In any case, I doubt the kennel will fit into the rental car along with my luggage and dog for our trek to the west coast. Is there anyone in the group (or maybe you know of someone or an organization) who could use an XL kennel? I doubt I'll even use the kennel once we get settled since my dog is 10 years old, so I'd be willing to part with it if you're able to pick up in Dublin. If you're interested of have any suggestions, please let me know. Thanks!