Buying a Car in Ireland  


Scott Shanahan
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08/01/2018 1:54 pm  

I'm moving to Galway TOMORROW!!!! and am looking at purchasing a vehicle. Any recommendations regarding going through a dealer or private sale? If dealer, any recommendations on a particular dealer? Any particular websites that you recommend? Also, is there anything weird about buying a car in Ireland, that would be different than the US? Really any advice anyone can give would be appreciated. Thanks!  

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09/01/2018 5:47 am  

Hey Scott, How did your move go? I hope you arrived safely.

You'll find that the car buying process is pretty similar to what you'd expect in the US. For used cars, you'll find options online, in newspapers, parked up at the side of the road, etc. The usual price haggling can be expected, and like anywhere else, it's probably best to have it inspected. 

Same with dealer purchase - very similar to what  you've experienced in America. I can't recommend any places in Galway to you, but I'd definitely advise to look all over Ireland for the car/price that you want. A quick train ride over to Dublin, or down to Cork, might be worth it for the right deal.

Best of luck! Let us know how it goes. 

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Cheryl Hazenberg
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16/01/2018 10:53 am  



I used the website it's a great way to see what's out there, lots of dealers use it, I found my car last month on it.


Good luck,


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