This week I had the pleasure of speaking with a lady from California about her upcoming move to Ireland. This client of mine is almost certain that she will move to Ireland in the coming months. Her dual citizenship makes that a whole lot easier than for many others, but she did have a list of questions that I was able to provide answers to, that will be of interest to many other readers.

These are the topics we covered:

  • Opening a bank account from overseas
  • Broadband coverage in rural Ireland
  • Receiving US Social Security payments in Ireland
  • Currency transfer
  • Shipping of personal goods
  • Car insurance
  • Cellphones
  • Affordably maintaining a US number while living in Ireland
  • Government assistance for elderly care

Wow, we covered a lot in one hour! Below you will find a summary of our discussion, and the valuable resources I provided my client with, in order for her to get a clearer picture of how each of the above topics could be addressed.

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As you may already know, I have been helping clients over the phone, in person, and on the forum, for a number of years. I decided recently that it would be a good idea to provide a summary of those discussions as a new feature on the site.
Many of the questions I answer over the phone with my readers, will be of benefit to a wider audience, so I decided to start publishing a series of 'call notes' for you all.
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More to come...

There you go! This is the first consultation call summary that I have published. More will follow. Each can be easily located by clicking through to:

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