I received my first Domestic Water Services bill from Irish Water earlier this week. Anyone not familiar with the ongoing struggle against water charges in Ireland might be wondering what the big deal is. After all, it's never nice to receive a bill. Just to give those people a little context, this is the first time in Irish history where we are receiving bills specifically for water. It may come as no surprise to hear that a lot of these bills are being torn up, or gathered for burning ceremonies. I'm sure some will even become paper airplanes. People are NOT happy with this new financial burden in their lives.

But in any case, you might be interested in what one of these Irish Water bills looks like, and what sort of information is on the bill. To help, I've taken a couple of photos of my bill for you.

What's on the bill

  • My name and address are obviously on there. I've blurred those out in case there are any stalkers watching 🙂
  • Account details, bill period, and service type are on there.
  • An interesting item on the bill is 'Tariff type'. Mine is 'Unmetered'. Irish Water have not yet installed water meters in my area, so I receive a flat charge. In fact, even metered customers are receiving flat charges too, at least for now.
  • The bill amount - in my case it comes to 64.10. That covers a period of 90 days and is based on the fact that there are 2 adults in my household. There is no charge for any children in the household.
  • Charges breakdown - you can see on the bill that I am charged an equal amount for 'water supplied' and for 'wastewater removed'.
  • There are plenty of payment options itemized too. We can't say they haven't made it easy for us to pay.
Irish Water Bill - front
Irish Water Bill - front
Irish Water Bill - back
Irish Water Bill - back

If you need to register with Irish Water you can do so on their website http://www.water.ie/. You can also use the website for a variety of other reasons including understanding how your charges are calculated and how the water meter system works.