People often ask me what the weather will be like in Ireland when they move over or visit here. As you will come to find out, the weather is a wonderful daily source of small-talk here in Ireland. A quick comment about the rain, temperature or humidity, usually forms the first part of almost every greeting.

To be honest it's hard to give any good advice about what to expect with Irish weather. It can be nice and sunny in winter-time (but almost certainly cool), and horribly wet for weeks on end in summer. Or, the seasons might come along as expected, and you could get a beautiful, warm summer like we had in 2014.

The video I posted below is from a few clips I took today. Today being July 16! That's summertime for most of the rest of the world. It's been raining almost non-stop for days (although there was a slight reprieve from it yesterday). By now most people have had enough, and are ready for some blue skies. Even for someone like me, who really doesn't mind cooler, wetter weather, it'd be nice to see the sunshine for a few days.

Video: The weather in Ireland in July

If you can't see the video on this page, you can find it here on YouTube.

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