~After each consultation call that I have with a client, I follow up with reading material, links to things we talked about, etc. In that email I also ask for their feedback (positive and negative) to ensure our call met their expectations. As I receive those reviews, I will update this page with their comments.

Excellent - I cant tell you how good it is just to have someone to chat to, who has experienced before all that we are and going to experience in the coming months (hopefully). Really so awesome to have a friendly face/voice to chat to and help guide what can seem like very muddy waters. Super helpful, very much appreciated, awesome work Liam - very much appreciated the helping hand!
~ Donal C.

Liam was absolutely wonderful! He is a fount of information. He had done additional research to prepare for our call, and had his computer up to search for answers he didn't know already. The call was Very informative as he answered so many major and minor questions about Ireland. I HIGHLY recommend booking a call if you have an interest in learning about/moving to Ireland. He is a local with knowledge about topics you won't find in books or easily on websites. He is friendly, open, and honest that he is well informed, but not an expert. After spending so much time in answering questions, as a true professional, he provided additional information and links via email.
~ Denise G.

The information I received was very specific, and tailored for my particular needs based on my own situation. While the data provided was quite important, the overall impression I walked away from the call with was one of reassurance and peace of mind. I had the feeling that a subject matter expert examined the totality of my situation and provided a knowledgeable assessment that I could use in planning the next steps of my move. One simply cannot find this type of reassurance by looking at a few websites that might touch on an issue or two. I highly recommend this service to anyone even contemplating a move to Ireland. I plan on reusing it myself several times between now and my actual move - to make sure I'm doing everything I can to help ensure the move is completely successful.
~ Sean Garr

Liam was generous with his time and extremely helpful. He provided information I hadn't been able to find anywhere else. He was a kind and caring voice at a time when I've had lots of frustration.
~Susan Casey

A VERY informative phone call with Liam. I learned a lot of new information that I didn't know before.
~Mike McPartland

Other general feedback received not directly related to the Let's Talk service