I had an interesting question from a reader today. Michael F. from Ohio asked something that I'm sure has crossed the minds of many other Americans before. Here's an excerpt from his email:

I have often thought of buying a home in Ireland. I have visited on a number of occasions and want to know can American's, with no ties to Ireland, buy a home there?

Thanks for the question Michael. My initial thought was that there may be restrictions, but as it turns out, anybody, from anywhere, can buy property in Ireland. I've spent the better part of an hour searching for a reference to quote, but all I can come up with are other blogs, websites, lawyer sites etc, that say there are no restrictions in place. However, I could not find an official source for this information.

Keep in mind, that even though you can own property in Ireland, this does not grant you the right to live here. Unless you qualify for Irish citizenship or residency in Ireland, then you will not be allowed to live in the home you purchased. I would refer you to the Citizens Information website for rights of residence.

From my limited experience with the Irish property buying process, I can honestly say it is frustrating and complicated. I am actively searching for a home to purchase, and when I have information to share, that I am confident will be useful to other movers, I will write up my thoughts.

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