Today's post should be very useful to new movers to Ireland. I'm responding to a question I received a couple of weeks ago from a website reader who asked:

Now that you've had time to settle into your new home, can you tell us a little about the cost of living in Ireland.

In my view a person's 'cost of living' is totally dependent on their own personal situation. I can't really answer the question with 'high' or 'low', or with any sort of number. If you move to Ireland, or if you live here, your perception of the cost of living will depend on many factors, e.g. where you move from, how much you earn, whether you eat out or in a lot, the types of activities you do, if you have kids or not, etc.

However, to attempt to answer the question, I have been busy creating a list of items and associated costs. I've itemized costs for a long list of items, including utility bills, a few every day food items, petrol/gas, etc. I guess you can use the information however you like, but it's meant to be used as a comparison against prices in your own city/country.

Keep in mind that the costs noted below are what I have paid or would pay locally for the items/services. If you live in another area/city, then these might vary, and of course they will vary a little by provider/shop also. If you'd like me to add anything specific to the list, please ask.
Also note: all costs/prices are in local currency (the Euro). As of Oct 31st 2014 1 Euro = 1.26 USD/ 0.79GBP/1.42 AUD, 1.41 CAD. (exchange rates taken from

  • Rent
    • €900/month (3-bedroom house in Cork city suburbs)
  • Utility bills
    • Garbage collection (includes domestic waste and recycling) €160/6 months
    • Electricity €45/month (approx)
    • Kerosene home heating oil - €0.67c per litre (as of January 2015 - see my receipt here)
    • TV/internet - my TV and internet service are provided by the same company. I pay €40/month for the combined service, which includes approx 50 TV channels and high speed (broadband) internet.
    • Cell phone bills - I use a pay-as-you-go service at an average cost of 10/month (very little phone usage). My wife has an unlimited everything plan (data, texts, calls) tied to our TV/Internet service costing €24/month. A typical 'everything' plan will cost you  in the region of €40-50/month.
    • Skype - I maintain a Skype account for overseas calls at a cost of approx €2/month.
    • Water - paying a separate utility bill for water will start in January 2015. This is probably Ireland's most contentious political issue at present, receives daily news coverage, and is under constant protest. I'll update this when I have an accurate bill amount to share. However if you want more details visit
  • Car
    • Car insurance - €59/month. Note: the cost of car insurance in Ireland very heavily depends on many factors e.g. your age, the type of car, how long you've been driving etc.
    • Car loan payment - €150/month. Maybe of more use to you, the APR, with a local credit union, is 9.9%.
    • Gas Prices (as of October 2014)
      • Petrol - €1.49/litre
      • Diesel - €1.39/litre
  • cost of living in ireland

  • Groceries
    • Milk 1 litre - €.80
    • Bread (wheat loaf) - €1.89
    • Soda Bread - €1.95
    • Dubliner Cheese - €15/kg
    • Half dozen medium eggs - €1.69
    • Fresh Chicken breasts - €10.60/kg
    • Potatoes - €1.50/kg
    • Apples - €0.60 each
    • Bananas - €0.25 each
    • Box of cereal - €2.90
    • Guinness (8X500ml) - €13
  • Eating out
    • 3 course dinner for 2 - €60
    • Lunch - under €10
    • Cup of coffee - €2
    • Pint of beer €4.40
  • Transportation
    • Round trip train travel to Dublin - €30 if booked in advance (up to €75 otherwise)
    • Local public bus - €1.90 per journey.
  • Activities
    • Leisure center membership - €500/year
    • Kids soccer - €10/lesson
    • Kids gymnastics €10/lesson
  • Miscellaneous
    • New cell phones - very dependent on your taste and needs. The low to high price for a smartphone is approx €100 to €600.
    • Local B&B - €35-45/night/pps


Remember these are guide prices only. What you may end up paying could be different, so don't come back and bark at me later 🙂 If you'd like information on other expenses, or would like to offer a list of your own, please add a comment below.

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