Hey everybody

I just published my very first podcast episode, and in it I talk about the proposed changes to the complicated immigration status known as a 'Stamp 0'.
For the most part the changes being proposed are quite positive, and if approved, should bring a lot of clarity and consistency to what is now a very unclear process.

You can listen by pressing the play button below.

00:00 Intro
00:25 Stamp 0 proposals from dept. of Justice
02:03 Summary of changes
02:43 Income requirements changes
03:17 Capital/Savings requirement
03:47 Age criteria to qualify
04:31 Quota/number of visas available
04:58 Connection to Ireland needed e.g. diaspora
06:08 USA made up 70% of past applicants
06:52 Health insurance and health assessment
07:27 Applicant applies from home country
08:19 Application form and fees
08:59 Path to Irish citizenship now possible
09:41 Family reunification
10:16 Final thoughts

Relevant links
INIS Press release
INIS information on proposals (PDF file)
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