I have another very relevant topic today for you which comes about as a result of a reader question. A young Irish lady living in Australia is planning her return home this year, and had a question about what I did with respect to getting my children Irish passports. Like Lisa, my kids are overseas born, and therefore entitled to 2 passports, Irish and US.
Lisa also had a question about the PPS number application process, and I go into detail in the podcast about what I had to do to apply for those, and what you she expect regarding requirements and timelines. Enjoy!

00:00 Intro
00:34 Lisa's email about passport and PPS number for overseas born Irish child
01:17 My kids US passports vs getting an Irish passport
02:30 Passport application requirements and citizenship entitlements (see links below)
03:03 Foreign birth registration
03:23 PPS number application process
03:30 Needed for Social welfare and school among other things
04:00 In-person application
04:17 What to bring in addition to identification
05:05 PPS number by call or by card?
05:51 Final thoughts and links

Links to refer to

Irish passports for children

Foreign birth registration

Irish citizenship through birth or descent

PPSN Registration Centres

Overseas passport renewal

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Music by Josh Woodward/CC BY