Much of the research I do for this website, leads me to all sorts of places on the internet to find answers/solutions to issues facing people who are emigrating to Ireland. I try as much as possible to rely on my own first hand experiences, or on those of other members (thank you!), to find answers, but many topics require further research and/or official sources of information.

The real value that this site offers that others don't is the opportunity to connect with other people in a similar situation as yourself. Just being able to have a chit-chat with another person who has gone through the same problems you face (check out the forums), can really help make a challenge seem surmountable. However, I find myself referring back to a select group of websites frequently, and figured it would be a good idea to document that list here for everyone to benefit from. I think you'll agree that these resources really stand out as great places to assist with an international move to Ireland.

1. Citizens Information
Anybody who is seriously considering a move to Ireland needs to know about There you will find an incredible amount of detail on a wide range of topics, including visas, citizenship, studying in Ireland, working in Ireland, rights of residence, and more. You'll often find me quoting information from that site, and/or linking to relevant content.

2. Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service
Not a lot of explanation needs to be done to describe the kind of information you'll find on the INIS website. You'll find a wealth of information on all topics related to official immigration needs, including: visas, citizenship processing and immigration policies. This is also the website you will need to come to, to fill out an online visa application.

3. Crosscare Migrant Project
The Migrant Project is a great resource for Irish nationals who are considering a return home. They provide assistance/information with issues such as Habitual Residence, residency information for non-Irish family members and more.

4. Department of Foreign Affairs - Coming Home
The DFA recently launched the #hometowork campaign which is another resource aimed at helping returning Irish emigrants. They cover a wide range of topics in areas such as jobs, social welfare, starting a business in Ireland, retiring in Ireland, etc...

5. Generation Emigration
I signed up for the the Irish Times Generation Emigration newsletter a while back, and I have to say that as much as I differ in opinion to many of their articles, I love reading them. Many of the articles are written my Irish expats living in all corners of the world, who offer their advice/perspective/opinion on many of the factors affecting people moving to and from Ireland. For those of you looking for an Irish opinion on why you should or should not move to Ireland, then I highly recommend signing up for their updates.

I'm sure there are other great online resources too. Please let me know in the comments if you like to suggest one for your own.