Finally, the US elections of 2016 have come to an end! Whether or not the result went the way you hoped or not, I'm sure almost everyone is glad to be on the other side of those last 18 months or so.

The outcome of the presidential election had a very interesting effect on the Ireland Move Club visitor numbers in the last few days. November 9th in particular was a very busy day, which saw an approximate 500% increase in readers coming from the USA. The picture below is a snapshot of Google Analytic data illustrating a hockey stick type spike in visitors. What information were they looking for you may ask? Here are the top 5 visited pages throughout the day:

Who can live and work in Ireland
Information about moving to Ireland with a dog
Who can buy property in Ireland
Things Americans can expect to dislike about living in Ireland
Permission to remain in Ireland as the spouse of an Irish citizen

Visitors to IMC Nov 9th
U.S. visitors to IMC Nov 9th