Stamp 0 clarifications from a current applicant

One of the most frequent questions I get from readers is to help clarify the Stamp 0 application process. Many US emigrants, as well as people wishing to move to Ireland from other non-EEA countries, look to use this immigration status as a means to moving to Ireland. However, this status is considered a low level immigration status, and is not intended to result in Long Term Residence or Citizenship.

I did reach out to the appropriate government department a while back, and they provided some guidance (you'll find it here) which has been helpful to many of you.

You might be happy to hear that one of our readers has kindly offered to share her first-hand experience with the Stamp 0 process, and she has some very helpful insight. The lady in question prefers not to be named, but it's important to note that she has recently applied for the Stamp, and is now waiting for a response. She has generously offered to update us when she hears more.

Here is what our reader has shared with me so far (her comments in quotes) (March 2016):

Stamp 0 application process details
The INIS requires the following information from you when considering your application (list taken from a screenshot of an INIS letter sent to me)
* Clear- and legible copy of your passport (all pages), including the visa on which you entered the State
* Copy of your birth certificate
* Copy of marriage certificate
* Reason for request for permission
* Details of all family members resident in the State and their legal status in the State
* Details of Irish Associations
* Evidence of all finances available to you (i.e. six months of bank statements, payslips)
* Evidence of your finances verified by an Irish based accountant listing yearly income and any financial liabilities. Investment sums are not normally reckonable - finances must be in the form of pension income or readily accessible funds.
* Evidence of private medical insurance with full cover in private hospitals
* Police Clearance Certificate
* Health Declaration
* Any other information you consider relevant to your case

"Some, but not all, of this is on the INIS website.  This is what must be submitted in order for the application to be considered complete and then it is up to them to evaluate what is submitted."

Stamp 0 requirements

Stamp 0 requirements (click to enlarge

"There is no application form or stated process for this stamp; but once you apply you do get a Person Number and a Reference Number. "

"Also, we did find out that none of this can be done prior to coming to Ireland; as far as making application, you must have an address here in order to begin the process. "

Strangely, you do not meet with a person when applying. This lady's husband went in person and was told that "no one would see him but they would see that our application materials would be delivered to Helen Fogarty's Dept."

For income verification to meet the 50k/annum requirement: "We showed our bank statements showing our pension incomes; so a person could show direct deposits from whatever income source they have. You must also show a complete statement of your assets and holdings; they care most about those that can be liquidated easily in case of emergency. "

"I don't know if this helps but we also took out a travel policy from Allianz, a company that conducts business in Ireland. It is an emergency medical, dental and emergency medical evacuation plan. The cost was reasonable for a year coverage, purchased from AAA and it over and above our medical policy which also covers us overseas."

"You submit a cover letter stating you are asking for a Stamp Zero and outline all the documents you are submitting. Basically that is what we did and they responded that we are now in queue, with no more requests for documents."

"For our police clearance we went to the Sheriff's records office from our home county and asked that they run a criminal background check. They provided an official stamped document that we were free of any criminal history."

Issues you may face after applying
Our reader has already faced a few issues since recently applying. For one, she has not been given a timeline for when a decision will be made. The maximum allowable stay on a visitor visa is 90 days, so she is hoping to receive a response before that initial allowance runs up. In the meantime, she is unsure if she can travel outside of Ireland.

Also, she would've preferred to apply from her home country. I'm guessing this couple moved to Ireland to enjoy the culture, sights, and life in a new environment. I can imagine how the hassle of running around and gathering documentation detracts from that. Add to that the unease of not knowing if you will be approved or not, and I'm sure it makes life a little uncomfortable.

Lastly, our reader has received mixed information from her local consulate and the Gardai (Irish police force) in Ireland (which is why I'm so thankful to her for sharing her first-hand info with us here). The consulate informed them that they only need register with the Gardai "if we are not working and not staying longer than a year".

As mentioned in previous posts/forum topics, this immigration status is not exactly designed to allow people of independent means a way to move to Ireland on a long term basis. The application requirements must be met every year, and whether or not you would receive an extension is completely at the discretion of the immigration officer at the time.

***update May 2016***

I just received an update on this topic from our reader. Here's her email:

Hi Liam,

To update you we received notification that our applications have been accepted. After we submitted all of our paperwork from that list which I sent to you they only had one more request: to confirm that our assets were not restricted and could be liquidated.  
We had our financial planner write a letter to that effect and mailed it Monday and today we received our letters of acceptance.
Once you have that list it is a straightforward process and 6 weeks is what it took.   So my advice would be to add that information about liquidity to the list of what is submitted so they do not have to request it. 
Hope this helps other folks wanting to spend a year here.

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  1. Profile photo of Kevin Callaghan

    Is it possible to get a further update on this reader’s application? Was it granted and if so, how long did it take from start to finish?

    I am also curious what income and cash reserve requirements were accepted?

    There are many people looking to follow these rules but there is little experience to guide them especially since the rules were changed. For myself, I will not move to Ireland and then apply for permission to remain unless I believe that there is an excellent chance of being approved. However, the new rules appear to be little more than guidelines and the Ministry seems to treating each application on a case by case basis. Not a good position to be put in.

  2. Profile photo of Kevin Callaghan


    I posted this message to another group:

    So where do we go from here? How do we coordinate our activities to generate the most buzz?

    I have been in touch with many people who can have some influence but I will need others to stand up and be counted. By myself, I will have little influence.

    I will therefore wait for feedback from others. If too few of us are willing to be heard, I will not continue to share my efforts and ideas.

    I am also thinking we should find another platform to share our thoughts. Any ideas?



    • Profile photo of Liam


      I think people need actionable advice on how they can help. Having never been in your position I don’t know exactly what that would be. Have you found any politicians sympathetic to your cause? It’s possible that some large Irish American publications may have some good contacts. Have you tried reaching out?

  3. Profile photo of Kevin Callaghan


    Yes, much is happening on the political side on both sides of the Atlantic. And there will be new articles coming out very soon. I will try to give more of a download soon. If anyone wants to send me their email address I can get them more formally in the loop as far as being cc’d on letters to politicians. Better yet, write a letter to your own elected representatives or to a local Irish American politician or Irish cultural organization. Even simply posting Annie Moore’s petition to Facebook with a personal message would do a great deal of good.

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