Chicago to Dublin?
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Chicago to Dublin?

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My 59lb dog and I are moving from the US to Ireland in a few months and would love any advice.   I found that Aer Lingus will fly from Chicago to Dublin non-stop  and while I live 10 hours away in Oklahoma it seems to be easier then the alternative of driving to the east coast.  I like this option because it will be a non-stop 7 hour flight.  Not a huge fan of the estimated cost I was quoted! Over $1,000.  Or the idea of renting a car and doing the drive.   1. Am I missing a better option         2. Anyone have a dog fly out of Chicago?


Also wondering if anyone has any advice on the Annex IV Form.   My vet said that they are an approved USDA vet so does that mean I don't have to send the form away?    It was easier to get my citizenship then it is to fill out this form 😉  


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Hi Jordan,

$1000 honestly doesn't seem all that bad. I know plenty of people who have paid over 2k from the US to Ireland. You're not really missing a better option. A long haul flight is the best way, even though you could go by sea if you wanted to spend the time doing so. 

I personally have not had a dog fly out of Chicago, but have from numerous other airports. Generally, you'll either drop them off with the pet handler company, somewhere near the airport, or you may take them straight to the airlines cargo area yourself. I've done both. It just depends on the option you choose. 

The Annex IV must be signed by an "Official Veterinarian". For most people in the US, that means sending it away to the nearest USDA office. You should confirm with your vet what exactly they mean. I have always had to send my paperwork away.

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