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Finding work in Ireland as a EEA citizen?

Svenja Wunderlich
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I've been wondering how easy it is to find work in Ireland as an EEA citizen before moving. I have a degree in geomatics (surveying/cartography), which is a pretty specialised field, so I would be looking for anything, really.

I am just wondering what my chances are to actually get a job and how fast I would have to move. I've heard it could be they want me to start within 2 weeks after the interview or something. Can that really happen? Would it be wiser to look for a job in the country? (I'd need to figure out if and how I would get any benefits though...)


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Hi Svenja,

Welcome to the site 🙂

It isn't easy to find work in Ireland from overseas. In fact most Irish people who have made the decision to move back home, often take the plunge without a job lined up. However for someone like you in a very specialized field, maybe you may have success.

My recommendation is to be prepared to move without a job, and have the ability to support yourself until such time as you do find something.