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Infrequent US Clients and Stamp 0

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I understand the "no work" provisions of Stamp 0 and I'm happy with them; I'm planning on a year-long sabbatical in Dublin. My question is, how if I was helping a US-based client and if the money is deposited in the US and stays in the US, how would anyone know? I'm not looking to thwart the rules, but it is conceivable one of my clients will ask for help while I'm away. 

I don't wish to create problems so if this question is inappropriate, I'm happy to delete it. 

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Hey Joe,

Considering how many times this is asked of me, i don't really consider it an inappropriate question.  It's quite possible (IMO), that people who end up in Ireland on a Stamp 0, have performed work and received payment for it. In fact I'd be surprised if that doesn't happen. I'm not sure how anybody with authority could find out whether or not that happened, and of course proving it in the case that you describe would be fairly difficult to do. 

Stamp 0 is not intended for people who are going to be working, or seeking work, so I guess performing any work would definitely be breaking the spirit of the visa, and most likely breaking some law too. 

Best wishes with your application and move.


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I think "no work" is that you are not allowed to work for any Irish employer in Ireland, but not saying that you cannot work in your home country.