Need help: refused registration at Garda station  


Antonio Rodriguez
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24/04/2018 11:29 pm  

Hello all. 

I desperately need help with my wife and I situation I'll start explaining from the very bigging and I hope you guys can help.

I am originally from Venezuela I came to Ireland on 2009 as a student.

 My wife and I started a long term relationship back in 2010 on 2015 I proposed to her here in Ireland. we went back to Venezuela and we stayed for a year. We did all the preparation for the ceremony from Venezuela to marry in Ireland  AND REMAIN HERE. when we had started sorting things with the civil office we returned to Ireland to finish off handing the rest the documents and get a date that's when problem started my birth cert wasn't certified correctly so everything was on hold. As there is not Venezuelan embassy in ireland we had to travel to Spain and get the cert sorted also I had to apply for a reentry visa to return to Ireland. when we came back my visa was shortened from 3 months to 1 by emigration officers as we didn't have a ceremony date and the civil office couldn't give us a date until they had the certified cert so we had no choice than accept the visa been shortened when we got the date it was over my visa time so we went ahead with it andafterwards we got married on April last year.  Afterward we got married I was refused to register in my local garda station to remain legally in ireland with my wife as my visa ran out they advise me to send my documents to INIS and deal with them but I didn't do it for fear of been deported. Today things still the same I haven't done anything for the same fear but I have to do something the thing is what.

I hope someone can help.




Pauline Hynes
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06/05/2018 5:18 pm  

Hi Antonio
I'm sorry you are dealing with this - it sounds stressful.  
I have no clue as to what advice to give you in Ireland, however the Emerald Isle Immigration Center in NYC is used to advising people on similar situations in the US.  Given the majority of the people they are dealing with are Irish (not all are), there's a good chance they have some useful suggestions as to what to try for Ireland.  

It would be worth contacting them to ask if they have any advice.  

The very first thing I would be finding out is what are the repercussions of being without legal status for too long in Ireland.  I know in the US there are pretty heavy penalties, one being you are barred from the country for at least 10 years.  You'd want to avoid that somehow if possible. 
Best of luck Pauline