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Kevin Callaghan
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26/11/2018 9:11 pm  

Anyone following the negotiations related to E3 visas to the US?

It is proposed that Irish be granted access to this work visa programme.  In exchange, Ireland will agree to certain changes to Stamp 0 rules for American retirees.  Included in this proposal is a reduction in the income requirements for American retirees and permission to work in Ireland for up to 20 hours per week.

This is what has been reported in the press, all of which are Irish publications, with no further detail that I can find.

If anyone have further information on this issue, please share.  I am not sure if this legislation on E3 visas will survive the US Congress but if it does, this could be good news for Americans looking to retire to Ireland.  That is, of course, if the new rules are fair and reasonable which was not the case in the last go-round where even the revised rules from 2016 were abandoned.

Please contacting your elected representatives to ask what they are doing to support you.  It is important for American retirees to have sponsorship in both the US Congress and in Ireland but I fear this support is extremely lacking.


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