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Stamp 4 process for spouse of EU citizen

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First, I would like to introduce myself.  I am a dual citizen of the US and Italy.  My wife and I bought a home in Kerry, have PPS numbers, utility bills, etc.  Our daughter lives and works in Dublin, and we plan to move to Ireland full time soon.  First we have to sell our home in the USA.  It goes on the market in May.  I plan to work from Ireland with my current employer or find a new job, which shouldn't be a problem since I'm in the software industry and have EU citizenship.

We are having a hard time understanding how the Stamp 4 process works.  

  • Does my wife apply during our next visit in April, or can she apply from the USA? 
  • Is an application done with both INIS(EU1) and the Garda, or can we just start with the Garda?
  • My employer is in the USA.  Will INIS accept a US employer on the UE1 form?
  • Must I be living full time in Ireland for her to get the Stamp 4?  If our house does not sell by September, she may move to Kerry, and I would travel between the US and Ireland until our house sells.

Thank you for any advice.  We thought that we had this all figured out, but are getting more confused as we look further into this.

Regards, Mark