In today's podcast I offer up some tips and resources for quickly finding the best mortgage in Ireland that suits your needs. There are plenty of options out there, and if I were you, I wouldn't rule any out. Try everything to find the best deal! Banks, brokers, websites, whatever it takes.

The tools I talk about in this episode will certainly get you started pretty quickly though, so open up a web-browser as you listen if possible.

Also, I talk a little about my own experience, and how having kids severely dents your borrowing power. Something I was utterly unprepared for. I'll leave the rest to the audio...

00:00 Intro
- Calculators
- How much you can borrow
- Central Bank Rules

00:33 Calculators
- flat list of options

- calculators

- IMC resources page
- mortgage
- utilities
- insurance
- mortgage special offers (e.g. 2% cashback)

- 100% impartial
- mortgage details updated every working day
- side by side comparison of mortgages
- fees (e.g. ATR fee)
- wide array of consumer help options

10:34 How much you can borrow
- my own experience! Many things affect your borrowing capacity

12:13 Mortgage calculators
- all the main banks have them
- borrowing amount averages at about 3.5 times gross income

13:27 Central Bank Regulations

13:54 Outro
- get in touch

Podcast recorded with Audacity (software) and Blue Snowball iCE (microphone)
Music by Josh Woodward/CC BY 
House picture credit (Flickr link)

Playing in the background!
In my last blog post I started sharing with you what I've had playing on my headphones while piecing the article together. While editing the text of this blog-post, I had a couple of my favorite U2 songs playing. I'd love to have them play on the actual audio, but I'm sure they'd come after me 🙂 One of my all time favs, even though it's a relatively new song of theirs is Ordinary Love (that's a youtube link to a live version on the Today Show, also available on Amazon Music.). Not sure the U2 boys have too much trouble getting a mortgage, but I sure enjoyed the song while putting the final touches on this post. Enjoy!