A few tips for getting Stamp 0 / living in Ireland on "independent means"  


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12/09/2017 9:25 am  

We picked up our GNIB cards last week, and are now living in Ireland with a "Stamp O" status for the next year. I am grateful to Liam and this site because we could not have done it without you. 

Here's a few final tips I wanted to pass on. 

1) Don't submit a Stamp 0 application before you arrive in Ireland. Enter Ireland on the usual 90 day visa, and THEN submit the huge packet of paperwork. 

2) The "health certification" that they need must come from your doctor. I wasn't sure what it was that they expected, so I wrote something for my doctor to sign. It listed our names, how long she has known us, that we are in good health, not hospitalized in the last 5 years, and have no chronic conditions. I gave her office a stamped, addressed envelope to send it directly to INIS. That seemed to work. 

3) Although we were able to submit an application as a married couple which saved on paying the accountant, etc, the GNIB costs €300 EACH. Ouch. 

4) The Stamp 0 visa is good for a year from when you are granted it, not from when you entered Ireland, so we will be able to live here for more than a year. 


If anyone else in the States is applying for Stamp O I'm happy to share what I learned. Search for my other posts and you'll learn what I've already posted. 

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14/09/2017 10:27 pm  

That's wonderful, Linda, congratulations to you both.

If you don't mind, I'll add a few points to what you wrote above.

your #1. what you describe is the current (2017) process. They are still weighing up changes for this, and then it is possible that you can apply from your home country. 

your #3. that fee is the case for people in your position. Among others, for spouses of Irish citizens, that fee is waived. More info here  http://www.garda.ie/controller.aspx?page=31

your #4. that's cool 🙂 However, it's probably still in your best interests to apply as early into your arrival as possible. 

You mentioned your other posts...they are very useful. Here's is a link to everything you have posted on the forum

Thanks again for always coming back and updating us with new info as you find it. Enjoy your well deserved time in Ireland. 



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