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Stuart Bates
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24/03/2017 7:06 pm  

Hi all

My name is Stuart and I'm looking to move to County Cork from the UK in the next couple of months.  

I have been relentlessly job searching for the past 6-9 months and within that time have amassed over 300 rejection emails from employers in Cork.  I am not being ambitious with the positions I apply for and they are well within my capabilities and level of experience.  I have over 7 years experience in office administration and I'm a part qualified accounting technician (as they are known in Ireland) and I would have hoped to have received at least an interview invitation during this time, but sadly none have come my way.

I check all the common job sites (,, and I have been in contact with several agencies (La Creme, CPL, FRS, Brightwater).  

I am starting to seriously consider moving to Ireland in the hope of finding employment within a limited timeframe of 4 - 6 months... and I mean ANY employment, as long as it's 20+ hours a week to get Family Income Supplement.  

I would like to ask a few questions based on others' experiences in this area.

1.  Based on the current job market in Ireland, would it be feasible that I could find employment within a 6 month period?  I'm willing to take part time, full time, temporary, permanent... whatever!!

2.  Would employers use my current location (the UK) as an immediate reason to reject my application, due to the awkward logistics of conducting interviews?  I am fully willing to speak via Skype video or over the phone but I know most employers prefer the traditional "face to face" interview.

3.  If anybody on here has experienced spells of unemployment in Ireland, how long was it before you were able to find your next position?  Are we talking a few weeks or a "several month stretch"?  

4.  We would be renting accommodation as we are not in a position financially to buy a property, but I was just wondering if letting agents generally only take on employed tenants rather than those who are looking for work?

I could go on and on with questions but I think that is plenty for now.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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26/03/2017 11:27 pm  

Hey Stuart,

welcome to the site. Sorry to hear about your employment trouble. That must be very disheartening. 

I'll give you my take on your questions, numbered as above. 

1. If you're willing to take anything, full or part time, I'd say this should be easy enough. 

2. Some would. However, most will interview a candidate for a position if they are a good fit, even if they are in the UK. It's a one hour flight from almost anywhere in the UK to Ireland. 

3.  Unfortunately I do know some people who have been out of work for a long time., However they are generally looking for something very specific. 

4.  Finding somewhere to rent would be very difficult without a job in hand or significant savings that would get you through a long unemployed patch. 


 I know some of this is vague but I hope it helps.  Feel free to ask questions as they come up and be sure to search the other topics for other relevant information. 



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