Can I stay in Ireland for 90 days with Tourist C Visa?  


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02/04/2018 8:40 pm  

Hi there, 

I haven't found a similar topic, so I would really appreciate any advise regarding the following situation:

I would like to visit my boyfriend (he is Irish) and stay in Ireland for about 3 months (but not longer). I am from Russia myself. I know that there are two options: 1) Tourist visa and 2) Family/friend visa, so not sure which one works better in this case. 

If I request Tourist visa I need to put 3 months stay in the initial application - but is it ok to do that? As usually people request 1 maximum 2 weeks for travelling. And if applying and staying for 3 months will I have problems in getting the next visa? 

If I request Friend visa and my boyfriend sends me the invitation and all needed papers - what is the chance of the Embassy refusing me in visa, as it may look like I am intending to stay for longer showing that I have relationships in Ireland. 

I of course would like to do everything legally, not violating any rules and having good chances of getting the next visa. That means that I will be coming back to Russia after 3 months not later. 

So my question is - is it ok to stay for such a long time with Tourist visa or request Friend visa in this situation? Or both of these options are not good, and it's betther to go by Studying visa route (which I wasn't expecting to do this time).

Would really appreciate any advice!

Thanks a lot!