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Jim Hewitt
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09/11/2018 5:06 pm  

My wife is considering a job in Ireland with a large multi national tech company.  We would be moving there with our 18 year old daughter who wants to go to university there. I have two questions initially.

First, my wife thought she might have read that children of expats working in Ireland that are under age 19 can go to university for free. Is this correct?

Second, I am in my 60's and would be looking for some kind of part time employment. What are the possibilities of that?


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11/11/2018 3:38 am  


I believe the info here should answer your first question  https://irelandmoveclub.com/qualifies-free-college-ireland/

Regarding you taking up employment, you would need to be eligible to do so, which most likely is not a given just because your wife will be. Unless of course you are an EU citizen.

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