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Carole Young
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25/12/2017 3:15 am  

I’m moving to Dublin next month and will have about 4 weeks to get everything set up before my shipped belongings arrive. As far as I can make out there seems to be a necessary order to do things in: 

1) finalise a job 

2) sign a rental lease (as a landlord will need an employer letter)

3) set up PPS, bank account, mobile phone (all need an address)

Is this right? Ideally I want to be looking at places to live at the same time as interviewing for work - will it be possible to sign a lease without a permanent job finalised? I have enough savings to cover the rent and can do temp work if necessary in the interim (I’m looking at senior roles - Sales/business development director level - but it may take a few weeks for the right opportunity to come up). I’m British so don’t need a work permit.

Thanks in advance for any advice

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27/12/2017 3:36 am  


The order in which you describe things make most sense. It's a catch 22 with the address a lot of times, so if you have a rental agreement in place, that should work for the needs in #3. A job offer letter may work too. 

It's totally at the discretion of the landlord/agency as to whether they will lease to you without a job in place. 3rd parties almost definitely won't allow this. A private landlord might, but it's unlikely. There are short term housing options too. You could go down that route in the short term. 

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