How will move to Ireland affect, or not, our US pensions!  


Anne Murray
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08/01/2018 8:52 pm  

So we looking for advice, information on how moving to N. Ireland will, or not, affect our pensions . Also paying taxes, here in US and N. Ireland. Do we choose where to pay? My husband is a dual Irish/American citizen, I'm from N. Ireland with a Green Card. Not sure where to post this, just putting it out there. 

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09/01/2018 5:38 am  

Hi Anne,

I think many of your tax related questions will be best answered by professionals. There are plenty of blogs out there on this kind of info. I recommend starting your research with Taxes for Expats



Check out my extremely useful Moving to Ireland FAQ Guide!

@userid mention someone if you'd like to get their attention.

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