Moving with two US born children. Do I need to register them when I get to Ireland?  


Sarah Barrett
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20/01/2018 12:52 am  

I will be moving home to Ireland with my two US-born children at the end of June. They both have Irish passports so does that automatically make them citizens. Do I need to register them somewhere when we arrive so the government knows they are now permanently living there? My oldest is 18 if that makes any difference being an adult. Any info would be great.

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20/01/2018 5:33 am  

Hi Sarah,

The fact that they have Irish passports makes everything easier. The only registration that I would suggest doing immediately upon arrival is for a PPS card/number. This will make any social assistance applications possible. From what I recall, you also need that for school registration amongst other things too. 

For college purposes I'd also suggest ensuring that their residency in Ireland is formalized. You might be able to do this through the Habitual Residence application process. I'll need to double check that. College for Irish citizens can be charged at different rates, depending on the length of time the citizen has been in the country. More info here

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