[Closed] Is it ideal to hire a removal company for a house relocation?  


Dinah Ross
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08/02/2018 7:11 am  

Hello everyone, I’m planning to relocate to a new house in a few months. Now, I need help with the entire process seeing the numerous and heavy furniture pieces that must be transported from Ireland to the UK. Since it’s my first time to deal with this process, I’m thinking of hiring a moving specialist. My neighbour recommended one of the removal companies Ireland to UK that he knows. Do you think it’s a good idea to seek their services?

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08/02/2018 5:53 pm  

Hi Dinah,

There's good and bad to hiring a removal company. In the case of heavy furniture etc, it's almost a must, IMO. 

However, this site is for people moving to Ireland, and offering advice specifically for that. You might find one that is geared specifically to UK movers out there too.

Check out my extremely useful Moving to Ireland FAQ Guide!

@userid mention someone if you'd like to get their attention.